What is resource development?

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Q. Can anybody give me a paragraph about resource development?

A. I can touch on a bit of general english, some economic theory and a bit of history. Developing your resources, is when you process them and refine them into a better form of output. A rural economy can undergo development if infrastructure is constructed to tap into valuable mineral deposits, like ore or oil. Oil extraction infrastructure can be constructed to extract crude oil. Further development might mean refining the oil into petroleum. You can develop human resources, as is what most companies aim to do when they wish to attract undergraduates or new talents. Rather than making jobs sound like the workers are benefitting the company, the company positions itself as developing a worker's career, just look at any HR recruitment page given around universities.

Now for some history. Whilst a common view of the British empire was that it fell because of weak leadership; but leaders are the product of education and human resource development.

One of the reasons for the fall of the British empire's power was because there was not good human resource development, mainly education. In the 19th century whilst the other European powers were educating students in hard science subjects such as physics, geography and chemistry, and political education such as language training. British education stressed on classical subjects, such as philosophy, literature and rugby.

One of the main impacts of this throughout the century was a lack of foresight in developing colonial possessions in Southeast Asia and Africa, specifically raw materials extraction and processing on a level equivalent with the European industries. This lack of foresight meant that, in the event of a German takeover of Europe's manufacturing base, as Hitler did in world war 2. The United Kingdom was cut off from its supplies of capital goods and raw materials needed to make war; necessitating Britain to purchase vast amounts of supplies from the USA.

Ofcourse the east asian economies later on became the powerful Asian Tigers that boasted tremendous growth rates and amazing development. Such development was not capitalized by former colonial rulers.


What do you think about President Bush's veto of The Water Resources Development Act of 2007?
Q. Bush vetoed the bill that allocated 23 billion to repairing dams, improving flood control, improve water quality, and revitalize riverfront development in the US. Thankfully, the House and Senate has overrode his veto. Is Bush aware of the Katrina catastrophe, the severe droughts in the South, the deplinishing coastlines, and the numerous dams that are at risk to collapse?? Why does the President not advocate spending money for the good of the country? He only asks for money for war. What are your thoughts??

A. Again Bush shows how stupid he is. He has no moral basis.
His war is impoverishing us all. He will do this for the rest of his term. I surely look forward to see this happening again.

What the most important job to the development of a country?
Q. In your opinion, what job is strategic to the development of a country, that can change a nation?

A. Research and development in engineering and science. Innovation. For this purpose good education system and providing proper resources are must

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