What Texas colleges have a Human Resource Development major?

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Q. Private or state colleges. Looking for colleges that have a Human Resource Development major. In TEXAS. Just a junior trying to get a grip! haha

A. Concordia University Texas
Austin, TX

University of Houston
Houston, TX

University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler, TX

I was on the Concordia campus about a week ago - must be the most beautiful campus of any college in the US. Check it out.

If I want to work in Human Resources as an adult, what majors would be good?
Q. I have already looked at Human Resources Management and Human resources development, but these majors are not offered in New York and California in the schools and environment I want. Are there any other good majors?

A. Many courses for Human Resource Management are not offered at the Bachelor Level at most colleges. Instead, they are part of the MBA program. A lot of Human Resource Managers will either have the MBA or started as a General Manager and worked there way up, which if you do not want to go all the way for a Master Degree, would probably be the route you would have to go. However, I am not saying that you should forgo school altogether. What I am suggesting is that you major in Business, Business Administration, or Management, whichever the school provides, and then decide if you want the MBA in Human Resource Management.

What is the relationship of resources and development?
Q. Nepal is rich in natural resources like land, water, and biodiversity. Nepal should have developed through energy generation from rivers, tourism from aesthetic and panoramic view of mountains, hills, flat plains, green forests. Similarly, medicine and other products are possible from diverse flora and fauna. But it is not developed. Arenât there any linkages on resources and development?

A. Yes, there is generally a positive relation between natural resource andowment and economic development. But this relationship holds strongly true in an environment of free movement of capital and labor and generally competitive free market system. In the absence of an autmatic and sustainable system that makes best use of the available resources, economic development cannot come about.
But Nepal, although being a small country, never had a free competitive market system. Rather, it remained feudalistc with the King and elected ministers copying Indian centrally planned system of State controls and direction and domination. Such systems talk loudly about best use of resources, high economic growth and equity but they are seldom efficient or effective in delivering the tall promises the politicians sell to the public: rather these kinds of systems are the best suited for the rapid growth of corruption and injustice together with huge misallocation of resources. On top of the low education makes productivity low. Political and economic oppression leads to frstrations and breeds insurgencyaided by foreign forces. These do not foster economic developmenrty. Education, competetive markets, desire to excel, allowing globally efficient companies to set up businesses without hindrances are all required for economic development. Nepal also has shown hatred and disrect to India, despite enjoying huge facilities from India. Such blindness has placed Nepal at a great disadvantage
It is ultimately the quality of the human resources in terms education, willingness to work harder, adopting congenial value system are the keys to taking best advantage of the natural resouirces.

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