How have political systems affected oil policy in Nigeria and Angola?

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Q. Nigeria has been categorized as a democratic country since it's independence from Great Britain. Angola went the way of a Leninist/Marxist governmental structure after their independence from Portugal. Has the institution of democracy in Nigeria played any role in the development of oil policy, and on the other side, how did the communist governance structure of Angola influence their own oil policy. I am comparing and contrasting the two but there is a limited amount of information relating to the subject. Could governmental structure possibly have no bearing on what countries decide to do with their natural resource development?

A. Governments determine who get the oil

If I go to London using Working Holiday Visa.Can I convert it to UK work permit, if i found a permanent job?
Q. How long would UK take to process work permit? approximately how many months? Is that easy for Chinese Malaysian to get a job in UK ((with malaysia Degree in Human Resource Development)) ?

A. You cannot change a Working Holiday Visa to a permanent work visa, it is simply not allowed....

I apologise...there are instances whereby you can change to a permanent work all depends on if the job you get is on the skills shortage list...see this link for further details.

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