Is Human Resource Development a good career?

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Q. I am considering getting my Master's in Human Resource Development. I am really interested in this field and want to know if this is a good choice and will I find a job fairly easily. I have yet to work in this field but I got my Bachelor's in communications and have tons of experience in this and marketing.

A. With HR, you are the liason between Management and staff. You're responsible for hiring the right person for the right job and helping to keep an eye on the budget (payroll). A master's in HR will certainly open a lot of doors and a BA in Communications will help.
If you want to spend the money on a Master's, go for it. Personally, I'd get some experience first to make sure that's what you want to do.

Make an appraisal on the different measures taken by the government to make the human resources development?
Q. Make an appraisal on the different measures taken by the government to make the human resources development relevant to ours country's needs today.

A. What do you mean "the government"? I am subject to four!

I live in the City of Sunnyvale. There, a local bond initiative to build a new library failed; as have various bond initiatives to improve our schools.

Sunnyvale is in California, where the state government has starved the towns of school funds and not funded the university system to keep up with the growth in the number of students, etc.

California is in the United States, where the President has vetoed a bill to extend medical care to children; where the Republican Congress has made it harder for educated foreigners to come; where the EPA has tried to deregulate to allow even more pollution in the air; etc.

(I left out the Santa Clara County government. They support the county library system, but I don't know what else they do with respect to human resource development.)

What Texas colleges have a Human Resource Development major?
Q. Private or state colleges. Looking for colleges that have a Human Resource Development major. In TEXAS. Just a junior trying to get a grip! haha

A. Concordia University Texas
Austin, TX

University of Houston
Houston, TX

University of Texas at Tyler
Tyler, TX

I was on the Concordia campus about a week ago - must be the most beautiful campus of any college in the US. Check it out.

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